(Getting to know you and what you want)

At a time and place of your choosing, we’ll sit down together and work out what you want on your big day. It’s best if you can both come along to this interview, but not a problem if only one of you is available - I’m happy to work with your needs and constraints.

First, I’ll explain how the ceremony works and your legal obligations, then I like to take some time to learn what you want to share about your relationship in the ceremony,
so bring your stories, memories and any questions you may have - the more we have to work with, the richer in meaning your day will be for you and those you love.

We can then begin to structure your ceremony. Again, the clearer your idea is about who you would like involved and how you would like it all to unfold, the more rewarding for you. If you’re unsure of what you want, that’s fine too, I’m happy to help you find inspiration and ideas.

If you are unable to meet in person for any reason, our interview can happen over the phone or via email, and you can post me a witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage form at least 31 days before your wedding day. 


Our meeting needs to occur at least 31 days before your wedding and we’ll complete some necessary legal forms.


Original Birth Certificates or Passports.*

Any marriage terminations – an original Divorce Certificate* or a full and original Death Certificate*

* Foreign language certificates or passports must be officially translated into English by an authorised interpreter/translator 


After our interview, I’ll prepare and email you a draft of your ceremony based on our discussions. We’ll then workshop it until it’s just as you want.

If you need further guidance and inspiration choosing poems, readings, rites, or need anything else please feel free to ask, as I’ve got plenty of resources and materials to share and probably have just the thing you need.


If possible, it’s great to rehearse the ceremony at the wedding venue. Your wedding party and anyone else with a role in the ceremony should be present, if available. We’ll run through the shape of the ceremony and organise cues for musicians or guests with a speaking role.


I’ll arrive 30 minutes before the wedding is due to start, set up the PA and make sure everything is just right for your ceremony. Once you both arrive and are ready to go, I’ll welcome the guests and get your ceremony started. Afterwards, I’ll make sure you’re happy with how things went and take care of your paperwork. 


After the ceremony, I’ll send all of your paperwork to the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and your marriage will be officially registered.

A few weeks after the ceremony you will receive your official certificate in the post and this is what you use to change your name etc.